Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hyper Sports Get Fit Program

I was blog surfing when I came across bananarunning's post about the HyperSports Get Fit Program. I was curious so I decided to check out their home page.

Hyper sports, Inc is a group of athletes (runners and track and field-ers) who share their knowledge on running and fitness, in general for free. Their aim is to promote good health and physical fitness to prepare their participants for different types of sports but mainly for running.

 Spotted from the Hyper Sports Website

On January 21, I decided to attend the 2nd session of the Get Fit Program. It started late since there was an event in Ultra but we did just as planned. From 4pm, we warmed up with drills (high knees, modified butt kicks, etc). Then, we did dynamic stretches.

Then, we did circuit training. The coaches considered that a number of us will be running the Timex Run so to cap off the training, we did relays around the Ultra oval instead of longer runs. This was a competition and the consequence for the losing team is to drop on all fours and climb under the winners.

I'm in this too taken from Hyper Sports Site

For more details on that session's training, check out this link.

This program is free. Hyper Sports even provided free shirts. So they'll train you for free, give you a shirt and even keep you hydrated and keep you energized with bananas. All you have to do is sign up in this website.

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