Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Hills are alive in the land of Baguio

By some weird reason, I came to love running uphill. I like it when I move my body up a hill and Baguio has a lot of uphill roads.

Around the same time last year, my friends and I went to Baguio but this year one of the things I noticed in Baguio is its roads has a lot of hills. The hills vary with different levels.

When I got up to battle the cold Baguio weather to conquer the hills of Baguio last Sunday (1/31/2012), I ran around Burnham Park up to the uphill roads beside the house we rented.

 Uphill Road in Burnham Park

It's just funny that since I became a runner, I see things differently. Instead of feeling tired of walking at the different levels of the Baguio roads, I felt excited to experience uphill running in these roads.

I did a short 3k around Burnham Park but after my 35 miunte run and walk workout. I was dripping sweat and my feet were stressed.

I thought I wanted to do 21k race in these race sometime but I'll settle for 5k. Too much hills can be painful, too.


Vallarfax said...

Good luck on your new endeavor! :)

RunningAtom said...

Hi Thirdy, you really should experience the 21k route in Baguio. I tell you, it's a different level of experience and challenge. And what's better with the 21K in Baguio (coming in April 8) is that the cool breeze will keep you energized all throughout. You just have to battle in and out the oxygen :)

Thirdy Lopez said...


Gusto ko nga ma-try.. Sakit lang ng katawan ko after a short run...

Train na lang muna... :)

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