Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Worst Run of 2011: 9th Animo Run 2011

Last Dec. 4, DLSU Running Club organized the 9th Animo Run 2011. For the ninth year, this fundraising run aims to generate funds for charity.
with Emon who ran his first 10k in this run
I originally planned this run to be my first 10k but another fund raising run came and I was enlisted in 10k category and I decided to take the challenge so this became my 2nd 10k run. I wasn't really expecting a superbly organized run since only students organized this run but the failure to plan and coordinate logistics of the race cannot be excused. I was only planning to run with my DLSU Alumni Friends but some Pex Runners decided to join too, which was a welcome addition to this run's experience.

At Back drop

Token start/finish line photo
What was wrong with this?
  1. Late Gun Start.
  2. No Hydration until the end of the run and if you fell behind, you wouldn't had gotten any hydration.
  3. No marshals, at all. The route passed by another fund raising run and the route included going through a crowd of Red Cross Million Runners run.
  4. The host acted like drunken kids. I know they are kids but this is a professional event.
  5. I had to go back the registration venue to get my timing chip which was really an inconvenience.
Group Picture with PEx Runners
It was a fun experience nonetheless as I was able to run with DLSU alumni friends and Pex running Club members. I would, however, think twice before joining this again.

Credits to Emon and Cath for the photos.


Sumi Go said...

Hey kuya Thirdy, so sad that the Animo Run didn't turn out to be good. A friend of mine is one of the organizers and there were so many problems daw with the planning and on-the-day execution of the plans. Naging 1 to 2-man job ang organizing and implementation so I'd like to apologize na rin in behalf of him and his club. Hopefully they'll be able to improve this year's Animo Run :)

michymichymoo said...

Oh, will take note of that if my club organizes another fun run. :D

Thirdy Lopez said...

@sumi: I just hope they learn from this especially since runners are paying big amounts to join events...

@michy: DLSU Running Club ka ba?

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