Monday, January 02, 2012 Runfest: My Third 5k

Back in July 2011, I joined the third Runfest. The run was the celebration of anniversary of the premiere run site of the Philippines,

Thirdy in Action at Run Fest

Being new in the running community, the runfest experience was refreshing since there are people who had formed and flourished friendships through the passion of running. The run featured marshals who cheered you on and hydration of powerade or water.

Hanapin niyo ko sa Run Fest

This was Dom and Gee Ar's first run so I decided to pace with them but Dom turned out to be really fast so I tried to catch him while Gee Ar left us by running slower.

Post Race with Dom and Gee Ar

The run didn't have a lot of sponsors but this is the first time I earned my first finisher's medal and it was such a rush to get a reward from finishing a 5k course.

My First Finisher's Medal

This run had a lot of mishaps like some runners being led to the wrong route and race results being erased but the overall experience was still great since it was a celebration of running and friendships formed due to running.

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