Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Overall Go Natural 2012 Run Experience: The First Important Run of 2012

Go Natural Run 2012 is the first important run of 2012. This run was organized for early child diabetes education co-sponsored by Go Natural, Run Rio and Resorts World Manila.

Blogger's Launch

I was on leave on the day Mam Vimz of Run Rio sent me an invite to my first running blogger's launching event. I was happy to accept the invite. After a busy day of getting ID's, I met running buddy, CJ, and we commuted to Resorts World Manila.

Organizers of Go Natural Run 2012

It was both our first time and since we arrived early, we explored the place and checked out people who gambled their money away.

As the clock turned 6pm, we went up to President's restaurant and waited for the rest of the bloggers since we were the first ones there.

 Organizers talking about Go Natural 2012

While waiting for the launching event to start, I met the other bloggers and the colorful personalities of the running community. As the launching event started, Coach Rio, Go Natural execs and Resorts World people took the stand and talked about the event. They presented us with the finisher's shirt and advocacy shirt, as well as the featured products of Go Natural.

 Class Picture at Go Natural 2012 Launch

As a treat, the organizers gave us free race kits, supplement samples and free tickets for Sound of Music.

Resorts World Manila presents Sound of Music

CJ decided to give me his ticket so I got to bring a buddy to watch Sound of Music one Friday night after office. Instead of riding a taxi, we took the RWM shuttle in Paseo Center. If you're riding this vehicle, you need to bring your membership card or sign up for one.

The travel was fast so we explored the place then headed to the Newport Theater. At that night, Cris Villonco played Maria. As expected, there was nostalgia with Sound of Music. But there were a few misses like that kolehiyala-sounding nun and some microphone problems.

 Posing as one of the Von Trapp Family Singers

The theater was a great venue. I could see Philippines being able to stage famous broadway plays in this theater.

After the play, we had dinner at Crisostomo and we went home around 2am.

A big thanks to Resorts World Manila for this treat from the blogger's launch.

The Big Event: My First 21k Run

After all the blog posts, events and training leading up to this event, it finally came. From my quick stint as a hydration boy in Todo Responde Run, I woke up again extra early to run my first 21k event. I arrived just in time but running buddy and pacer CJ came later so we ran late.

 Finishing with Kamote Runner from Angelo

We began the race chasing the tail of the 21k runners. We weren't that late so we were able to chase it immediately. The route started going around The Fort, Taguig and for 45 miuntes, CJ and I ran at a steady pace. In the Kalayaan exit near MC Depot, we bagan running and walking until we got to the Kalayaan Bridge where we ran until CJ got an injury where we run but mostly walked until the end of Kalayaan and until Mayapis Street. Runners who came later than us slowly passed before us. Near Makati Avenue, Kamote Runner caught up with us and was pushing us to run faster. When we got back to Kalayaan bridge, CJ decided to let me go ahead so I ran as fast as I can until 30th Avenue where I decided to walked. Kamote Runner caught up with me again and was pushing me. From there, I ran until the finish line and I crossed the finish line at 2:48:10 with Kamote Runner.

 Team Titans @ Go Natural 2012 from Jervin

At the Finish Line, Swimming buddy Ae congratulated me and I saw the rest of the Pex Running Club as I claimed my Finisher's Kit with an over sized 21k Finisher's shirt.

Since I was the only one who brought a camera, I went to get my bag when I saw Team Titans who finished way way before me and I was able to join out team photo op.

CJ finished at 3 hours and he met us just in time for our club's photo op.

 PEx Running Club @ Go Natural 2012

Go Natural Run was a great race according to people who finished early. When we finished 21k everything was almost finished so I wasn't able to experience the post race activities.

 After having (breakfast at) SEx (Siningag Express) from Cath

Post race - We went to Siningag Express to meet the Stags Run runners and bond with the rest of the Pex Running Club.


michymichymoo said...

Is Sound of Music worth it? :)

deemenrunner said...

ayus tong post na to! from launch to sound of music bonus to actual event! sayang di ako nakapanood nung SoM! lapit na makahabol sa backlog! ;)

Thirdy Lopez said...

Michy: Worth it pa rin... To be nostalgic about the classic musical...

Thirdy Lopez said...


Dapat gagayahin kita pero tinamad na ako so inisa ko na para mabawasan ang mga kelangan kong i-blog...

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