Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011 Races

2011 was the year I got bit by the running addiction bug.

2011 Race Bibs

I originally just intended to run one 5k race. That was the goal. It took a lot of finding friends who will run with me until I finally convinced Gelo and KC to accompany me to a race in Ortigas. From there, I loved running and I wanted to run once a month until December came and every week I had a run scheduled.

Here are the events I ran in:

May 7: Run to Build (5K)

July 10: Slimmerun 2011 (5K)

July 24: RunFest(5K)

September 18: AXN Runs Philippines (5K)

October 23: Adidas King of the Road (5K)

November 13: Men's Health Urbanathlon (5K)

November 26: HSBC Fun Run 2011 (5K)

November 30: Michelle Estuar's Fund Racing (10K)

December 4: 9th Animo Run (10K)

December 10: SunPiology Sunset Run

December 31: Rescue Run


Ray said...

This is one thing I've wanted to try. My dad was a marathon runner in his days but I took a different sport. How much running do you normally do for this on a daily basis?

Ray of

Thirdy Lopez said...

I might die of exhaustion kung aarawin ko...

Hanggang every other day lang ako... :)

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