Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why should you join a gym?

A gym is a place where people of all sizes, all ages and all kinds of lifestyle go to attend a physical fitness classes and practice fitness activities like weightlifting and cardiovascular exercises.

 Gold's Gym Logo

Years before, going to a gym has been a dream of mine. And after a lot of decisions, I joined Gold's Gym in 2010. Early this year, I transferred to a boxing gym but in the middle of the year, I opted to workout at home since I developed a routine for fitness already.

But for a certain type of people, going to a gym is advice-able.

For a couch potato, you should join a gym 'coz:
1. You will be forced to change your lifestyle. You are paying monthly fees so better make use of the gym.
2. You will be inspired with the people who are working out in the gym. You'll be saying to yourself if they could do it so can I.
3. You have "experts" for your consultation but for an additional fee. "Trainers" costs a lot but sometimes the expense is an investment to a better you.

 Before I start my workout in Gold's Gym Intercon

For a fitness enthusiast, you should join a more specialized gym (like 360 Fitness, Crossfit MNL or a MMA gym) coz:
1. You will not be bored with your workouts as these gym has no same exercise like chain gyms where you do the same thing over and over again.
2. You will be forced to keep a routine or a gym buddy will beat you in an exhibition competition or a tally board.
3. You are guided by professionals who actually know what you need. That is worth the investment.

Now, this blog post is making me want to enroll in a gym with an actual program. But due to budget concerns, I shall be using groupon deals in the mean time to satisfy my "need" to work out in a gym.

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