Thursday, October 27, 2011

PEX invited me to an exclusive bloggers event by Pizza Hut set to present the new Tuscani Pizza with Shamcey Supsup

The Invite
I was just waiting for my slow computer finish my code deployment and tweeting at the same time when I saw this tweet from PEX (@pinoyexchange)

I was instantly curious of this opportunity so I introduced myself as a blogger and I found that PEX is inviting bloggers to an exclusive Pizza Hut event featuring their latest endorser, Binibining Pilipinas - Universe Shamcey Supsup.

Excited with the information, I heckled my way into this event and I got an invite the day after.


The event was scheduled on 6pm. Since I leave the office before 7pm, I had to find a way to be there earlier so I watched less TV that day and arrived at the office at 9am. This successful attempt lead me to be able to leave the office at 6pm. However, being in a hurry lead me to forget to send an email to my boss so I was worrying about that during my walk to the event venue.

 Token picture with Shamcey Supsup featuring the Tuscani Pizza

As I arrived, a lot of bloggers were already there swarming around Shamcey. Lucky enough, admin Nakura and my buddy Jean was there to help me get a token picture and get seated with the rest of the PEX bloggers. Aside from having to be acknowledge as an actual blogger by PEX, I got to meet people from my blogroll, Madmader who was also there with madfather; SweetKay (better known as TS to most of the PEX clubs) and jessica_wabbit (foodie whose blog introduced me to Hawker 101).

Tuscani Pizza

To tell you honestly, I didn't really remember a lot about the Tuscani pizza as I was enjoying the company of PEX bloggers and the rest of the PEX team. I was also baffled by how respectable Jean, my friend who I know to do crazy dancing and apparently host for the night (at least when he's sober), was.

 Jean behaving as a respectable member of society
But I do remember how flavorful the All Meat Tuscani Pizza was. I do recommend this for a pizza treat to your friends and family.

But since Pizza Hut gave bloggers gifts for attending, I owe them a review of the Tuscani Pizza, which I will be talking about as soon as I find time to go on a Tuscani Pizza food trip.


Capping off this entry, I would like to extend my gratitude to Pinoyexchange, the PEX Bloggers club and Pizza Hut for giving us a wonderful night.

 PEX Bloggers Club with Nakura from SweetKay

You might like to check out the facebook page of Pizza Hut as they are having a promo.


Thirdy Lopez said...

mamaya na yung pics...

jssica wabbit said...

It was nice meeting you! Hope we could hang out with the rest of the bloggers as soon as possible! And oh the Supremo Pizza is awesome! :D hehe.

Mugen said...

Haha sayang! Bukod sana sa naka-libre, na challenge sana ako magsulat about food. :)

Sana may next time.

Thirdy Lopez said...

@jessica_wabbit: hope na matuloy ang next blogger meet-ups and madami pang sasali and susulong na ang pex bloggers club!!!

@Kuya Joms: paramdam ka na sa Pex Blogger's Club... Dati ka pa naman addicted sa blogging eh... :)

totomai said...

katabi mo ba naman si Shamcey malamang di mo maalala ang lasa ng pizza.

Welcome sa PEX blogger pala. baguhan din ako haha

Unknown said...

Win! Ang galing ... nakakatuwa ang iyong personal account

Thirdy Lopez said...

@22mau and SweetKay: Thanks for visiting!

See ya around!

the viewing deck said...

awww, sayang dahil dyan binuksan ko tuloy ang tweeter ko to follow PEx, hehehe !!
nice one :)

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