Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My 360 Fitness Club Experience

I first read about 360 Fitness Club in an article in Men's Health. According to my vague memory of the article, 360 Fitness Club is a gym that specializes in circuit training.

What interested me the most in that article is the utilization of your time to finish a whole workout within half an hour or 30 minutes. So upon finding out, I searched for the gym's website and scheduled a trial but the venue was in Ortigas and for someone who lives in Makati. It is impractical to join a gym that is out of my way.

In January this year, the company planned to have a branch in Makati but they only opened sometime in October. By that time, I didn't really spend much on gyms as I am now working out at home. So I didn't deemed it necessary to check it out but my friend, Mr. Adobo King urged me to accompany him to do a trial but he was too busy to go with me so last Monday, I did a trial workout with 360 Fitness Club Makati.

It's been a while since I had to go to an actual gym so I used my Men's Health Gym Bag and loaded it with gym clothes and office stuff. I scheduled it at 7:30pm but I was able to get to the gym by 7:00pm and they accomodated me.

The gym is located in the 7th floor, Dolmar Building, Carlos Palanca Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City.

The workout

The work out starts at the stairs leading to the 7th floor.

Then at the front desk, they will had you a key so you could change into your workout clothes. Since, the gym is still new. The locker/shower room is clean and all the bathroom stuff is very new.

After that, they tasked me to fill up a form used to access my fitness level. For unfit people, don't be afraid to answer this form. This is just used to evaluate which level they will put you in.

After filling up the form, they guy in the front desk introduced me to a trainer, Coac FG. He asked me standard questions about where I found out about the gym and their programs and the activities I do. Then, he briefed me about out trial workout.

The workout is a non-stop series of exercises with 20 stations. Each even-numbered station is a station where you need to do strength training exercises. They have different equipments from dumbells, TRX, pushup wheel and kettle bells and even your own body. Also, the even-numbered station has 5 levels, concentration in various aspects of muscle building. While each odd-numbered station are active rest stations where you have to jog in place, jump rope and other low impact cardio movements.

The strengthening stations concentrated on exercises that generally targets a muscle group but works the entire body. I had to do squats, deadlifts, pullups, inverted pushups, pushups, One legged squats, planks and other exercises. I continually worked at each station for 30 seconds, completing a round at 10 minutes. I had to do 3 rounds. Thus, completing a workout at 30 minutes.

After the workout, the coach catered to another customer and I was done. Then, I asked for the rates and asked to come back when I decide to join.

The monthly fees are from P1,700 to 2,700 depending on the length of your membership. It seems costly for a gym that offers a workout that could be done at home. I am interested to join but I'll reconsider this when I get a bigger discount. This gym is a good variant to the usual gym like Gold's and Fitness First that is just a gym where you do your own program.


Mugen said...

How can I avail a trial? :D

Thirdy Lopez said...

Check this link:


Unknown said...

Hi Thirdy. I enjoy reading your blog the moment I chance upon this in PEX (I forgot if I saw your blog URL through a post or through your profile.)

Anyway, are there other programs, say non-circuit trainings, offered in 360? Based from their site, I think they only offer circuit trainings, which you can also do at home or in a neighborhood gym.

Thirdy Lopez said...



Yes, they offer the staple gym classes but with more expertise like Zumba, Pole Cats, Yoga and others...


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michymichymoo said...

I used to be a member. And I miss doing the circuit. :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

I want to be a member too but until I get my budget together.. i'll settle to doing circuits at home...

Bose said...

Thanks for reveling this with me! very useful resource! Mens Health

Anonymous said...

hi i have a question, ung rate ba na yan for the circuit training lang applicable or pede din sa ibang classes? thanks!

Thirdy Lopez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thirdy Lopez said...

kat: rate includes classes.

you get discounted rates sa pole dancing and krav maga classes.

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