Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thirdy on Running

This post shall be reposted in my running blog, That Running Buddy

Running is one of my favorite things as of the moment. However, I hadn't always enjoyed running.

When I started running

In 2010, I made it a goal to live a fitter lifestyle and part of my gym routine is running in the threadmill. I first started walking and running in the threadmill for 30 minutes and progressed to running in 30 minutes. I was so proud of myself that I attempted to repeat that feat when running on a road near our condo but failed as it was to difficult for me, then. For a month, I googled how to run 30 minutes without stopping and I was able to finish the program in a month where I became bored towards its completion so I decided to abandon running and try other cardio activities as I found running really boring.

When I started running again

Come 2011, I made a goal to try a 5k fun run race at least once. I tried to organize fun run with my swim buddies but our plans always don't follow through. But one day after a conversation with a gym buddy who is an avid runner. I decided to join my first 5k on May. I was so excited for this race that I trained for 2 weeks before and went to the venue early. I finished great at 35 to 36 minutes.

When I found running exciting

After my first race, I came to a decision to do one race per month. I had found friends to attend fun runs and we all share the same passion for running. I scheduled the next run to be Slimmerun in mid-June but it rained hard so it was postponed to July. At that time, I had already joined 2 more fun run events by takbo,ph and Milo. So my July run became 3 fun runs.

 Run to Build, May 2011

Slimmerun, my second 5k was such an experience since it was slightly raining but the efforts paid off since I got an impressive record there, which was 31:19. A few weeks later, I joined my third run in runfest where I run at the pace of newbie runners, Gee Ar and Dom. But had a great finish at 32 to 33 minutes.

Slimmerun, July 2011

We skipped Milo marathon since it was raining hard and we were sleepy.

And my last run AXN Runs Philippines, I got an okay finish at 31:55 despite the uphill of Julia Vargas. I still enjoy running until now and I find new running friends and set new running goals.

Running became a regular routine

As I mentioned, joining Fun Run events had became a staple in my budget. I allot money for registration fees in at least one race.

If possible, I run at least 3 times a week. My usual routes are the road in front of our condo and Ayala Triangle.

 AXN Runs Philippines, September 2011

Recently, I came to a decision of aiming to run 5k at 25 minutes. I googled a program and have been following week 2 as strict as I can. The first week was painful as I experience pain all over my legs after the speed work routines even if I wasn't able to follow it. But I am still aiming to achieve that feat and I want to get a new PR in Adidas KOTR, which is our next run in October 23.

I do hope I achieve that goal.

Next steps in running

I haven't made my mind about gunning for a marathon unlike one of my running buddies who is in his 5th week of a run-a-marathon program in 3-5 months. But after achieving a PR of less than 25 minutes. I shall be repeating that feat at least 2 more races before heading up to a 10k PR. Then, I'll figure it out when I achieve that.


madmader said...

I love running too... started about 3 years ago, slow buildup from walking to jogging, till I could run 5k... unfortunately, I couldn't join fun runs coz they were usually on Sundays. Then my enthusiasm waned :( Now I'm back to walking again, and hopefully to running again... aiming to join a 5k this November!
I clicked your "running blog" wala pa palang post doon... nandito pala, hehe... Cheers to you~

Thirdy Lopez said...

Kaka-repost ko lang yung same post sa bagong blog...

Di ko pa naayos.

Anyway, may Saturday Fun Runs naman... Isama mo ang kids and other family members mo para family affair!!!

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