Friday, September 16, 2011

Thirdy on Boxing

When my Gold's Gym membership expired, I was in search of an different kind of gym. The normal chain gyms like Gold's Gym, Fitness First and Slimmer's World pretty much offer the same thing, a place where you could use their gym equipment and attend group classes.

As group classes was impossible for me to attend as during the busy project times, I was going home at 7:10pm at the earliest. Plus, I was looking for ways to be more "tipid" in my gym dues. I decided to check out a boxing gym. By the end of January, I decided to join Punchout a boxing gym and I paid for a 5 month membership.

Regular Boxing

 Doing a boxing pose

I scheduled my boxing every Tuesday and Thursday unless I go on leave or stuck in office where I cancel my plan to do boxing. I had almost the same training coach. He first taught me drills with jab and straight then he taught me how to do uppercut drills and then hook and combos. Then, I was pretty much left on my own while I punch the bag, the wall bag, the speed ball and the suspended hanging bag. Boxing was fun especially in the summer where I'm extremely wet with sweat the most after working out. However, it later became boring and more routine-ary as I do everything on my own except the drills with the trainer and the trainer pretty much sends texts when I'm doing drill with the equipment. So when my contract expired, I stopped going to a gym and did workouts at home.

But I still miss it

However, I still miss boxing so I decided to do a training session per month. I found another gym that offers boxing at a cheaper rate. My first session is pretty much the same drill except the trainer was watching me every step of the session. He even corrected my foot work which the coach from my previous gym did correct even if I was working out there for 5 months. The bad thing though was he abruptly ended my session even if I hadn't had a bout with the wall bag yet when another client came.

Through thread in PinoyExchange, I discovered an alternative gym. I shall be trying it out next week and if it works out I will try boxing every week.

I'll update you how it would go.


Unknown said...

Try mo ang Capoeira. :) Meron sa Clubb 650 at libis.

Thirdy Lopez said...

Saka na! Convcentrate muna ako sa boxing...

At Capoeira sa Libis! Anlayoooo...

jssica wabbit said...

Question. :) Sorry tamad ako mag back read sa pex but can you recommend a good boxing gym na malapit sa Eastwood? Aside from Elorde please? Ive been wanting to go back to boxing. The old boxing gym kasi in Eastwood (Powerpunch) closed down na. Thats where I learned boxing. But when they closed nag stop na din ako. I wanna go back ulit sana. :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

ang alam ko lang ay sa Makati at sa Manila... Punta ka sa PEX may mga experts and/or adiks duon na makakasagot sa iyong katanungan.. :)

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