Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Fall TV Plan (Sunday and Monday)

And the TV shows are returning!

It's already fall and the TV series season had began once again.

To those of you who doesn't know, I'm an avid TV guy. I had been stucked to the tube ever since re-runs of Magilla Gorilla on RJTV 29 and Sesame Street was showing in GMA 7.

I once dared to create a TV Series blog but I became to lazy to maintain it.Anyway, this blog post generally chronicles my plans for this fall TV Season.


To begin the week, I shall be downloading the following shows that were released on Sunday.

The Simpsons
 Title Card from Google Images

Why I am watching? Despite being the longest running TV show with 20+ seasons, I still love and will watch the Simpsons. Out of loyalty and because I am still entertained.

Once Upon a Time
 Title Card from Google Images

Why I am watching? Something about present day and fairy tales merging in one world interests me so I am watching it.

Desperate Housewives
 New Promo Poster from Google Images

Why I am watching? I'm a loyal TV show fan since it began and with this series ending, it would be stupid for me to miss this.

Pan Am
Title Card from Google Images

Why I am watching? After being recently addicted to anything Catch Me If You Can which featured stewardesses from Pan Am, I am willing to give this show a chance.


Monday aka Comedy Night is full of sitcoms and some exceptions. I shall be looking out for the following:

How I met your mother
Season premiere photo from

Why I am watching? Despite being entirely sure that they won't be revealing anything about the mother this season. I still watch this show 'coz it is funny.

Gossip Girl
 Season 5 set pictures from

 Why I am watching? Honestly, this is out of loyalty. As, it is already uninteresting.I want this to end soon but tweens might kill me so I'll just keep watching.

Two and a Half Men
Cast photo from

Why I am watching? I wanna see how they kill off Charlie and let's face it, this is the last season as patterns show.

Hart of Dixie
 Sticker from

Why I am watching? Rachel Bilson (period)

Mike and Molly
Scene from the show from

Why I am watching? C'mon.. It's adorable!

Hawaii Five 0

Steve McGarrett in Prison from Google Images

Why I am watching? TV Action at its best and Alex O'Loughlin


Unknown said...

My favorites are How I met your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and The Office. Also include Outsource at the list. Grabe! Lahat ito super funny.

Thirdy Lopez said...

Cancelled na nga lang ang Outsourced... :(

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