Thursday, September 15, 2011

Manila International Book Fair

Every year, book and other publishing companies gather in a single venue to celebrate reading in the Manila International Book Fair. In this event, book signings, story telling and book sales occur. An event for a book, comic or magazine readers shouldn't miss.

Past Years

I remember going to the Manila Book Fair 2006 as a participant in the Literary Fest wherein I performed a poetry reading of a poem I did with my Writers' Guild orgmates. The poem is a form of poetry wherein one person writes a line and the next person does the next one and so on and so forth. Then, after our performance I went inside the book fest event and went home with a loot of comics that costs P100 or something for 10 comics. I remember not planning to buy anything then going home with a loot of unplanned purchases. I got comics at a bargain including Mutant X, Xmen and Spiderman.

In 2007, I wasn't in the Philippines when it was held so I missed it. Sad for me.

But in 2008, I got another great loot where I got my first back issues of Men's Health, as well as other titles

2009 Loot

In 2009, I was able to find a lootbag promo for P2000 only. I placed the complete paperback series ofHarry Potter and a few kiddie books which I sent to my sponsored kid from World Vision. I also bought a Carlo Vergara book and even had it signed.

 2010 Loot

Last year, I renewed my Men's Health Subscription at the Summit Media booth and got 5 free back issues. Also, I got John Maxwell book at a discount which I honestly haven't read yet.

32nd MIBF

I read in some blog posts that MIBF featured the first book readers conference on its first day, September 14. I really don't know what does that mean so I guess I didn't miss a lot. But I guess I did. They also said David Pomeranz is performing sometime which I really don't care for, too.

What I am excited about is renewing my Men's Health Subscription and getting a Runner's World Subscription. I wonder if what freebies I could get. As well, Filipino books bargain and maybe I would be able to meet a book writer or even two.

Also, if you are planning to go to the Manila Book Fair this Saturday. Gimme a ring. Maybe we could meet each other there.

Lastly, check out this link for free tickets.


madmader said...

Hi thirdy... so what did you get at the MIBF this year? My kids and I went last Friday :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

I'll make a post about it, maybe later!

Enjoy talaga sa MIBF!

Kayo? Anung loot niyo?

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