Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lunch at PB & Co

I asked my friend out for lunch last night. We  made plans to do so I just made those plans concrete.

Inside the Store

I wasn't really out to do any food trip-ping soon but my friend wanted to try food at PB & Co.

 Hmmm, what to order?

PB & Co is a small restaurant that served different dishes that has peanut butter in it. The Paseo Center branch is a franchise of the US brand. The store sells meat sandwiches with peanut butter, pasta with peanut butter, fried food with peanut butter and grilled dishes with peanut butter. Don't forget they also sell different flavors of peanut butter, as well as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Photos while waiting for my friends to arrive

I tried the Curry Chicken Spaghetti and had their bestseller, Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly. I rarely go out to eat so I am not really one to judge technically. In my opinion, the food was good. The prices are a bit expensive ranging from P45 to P185 but the food was filling and the flavor was creamy (of course, it was peanut butter).
Peanut Butter Burger Sandwich

Anyway, I'll be attempting to recreate the curry chicken spaghetti next week. Let's see if I can mimic the taste of the restaurant's offering.


Unknown said...

Where in Paseo is it? Nacurious naman ako

Michael said...


Post some pictures of the food! Haha! Peanut butter is a personal favorite. I sometimes eat it by itself, specially when it's kinda dried up and about to be ubos. I wonder what dishes have peanut butter in it?

Take care!

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Thirdy Lopez said...


For sure alam mo to...

It's in Paseo Center tapat ng ayala tri at ilalim ng hagdanan...

Para kang tita ko.. Sinosolo ang Peanut Butter... Check out the resto... The food is an experience.


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