Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 18: SG Rush to Road Home

So we dropped by our hostel and claimed our baggage and headed to Lavander MRT. We were pressed for time as we only had less than 30 minutes before our bus heading to Malaysia left. On a whim, we ran towards the bus station and arrived 5 minutes before the bus leaves and was the last passengers to board the bus before it travelled to Malaysia.

Lesson: Don't be late in buses. You should be in the station hours before departure like in air plane flights.

On our SG to KL bus trip, we went down the bus twice. The first time to depart Singapore. Where we only needed to bring our passports and the next one to arrive in Malaysia where we brought all of our luggages.

The bus trip lasted 5 hours almost on the dot so we boarded a taxi to KL Sentral worth MYR 20 and hung out at the 24 hour Mc Donald's Branch and left to the airport at 3am. Out flight was 7am and spent most of the waiting time half asleep. The flight was fine and we arrive in Clark in one piece.

We rode the same bus company home and rode a bus to rest on our arrival.

That trip was real fun!

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