Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 17: Suntech Fountain of Wealth and Marina Bay Sands Hotel

From Promanade MRT, we made our way to the SunTech Fountain of Wealth at that time the huge fountain is closed and the small fountain in the middle is open. That fountain is the fountain of wealth. Instructions says that a person had to put his hand in the fountain and go around 3 times to become wealthy so we followed the instructions and hope it pays more.

After which, we headed to a bus station and rode a bus to Marina Bay Sands Hotel. There wasn't much to see since we opted not to go to the Sky Park since it was too expensive and not much to see. So if you are not planning to see Lion King or go up the Sky Park. Skip going to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Riding the right bus takes a lot of time, too.

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