Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 15: Night Safari

From the Ang Mo Kio MRT, we rode a 45 minute bus to Night Safari.

We were kinda in a hurry during this travel but we arrived just in time to catch Jessie's Aunt's Friend who gave us a 50% discount on our tickets. We bought the tickets and was just in time to catch the Creatures of the Night Show. The show featured Nocturnal Animals performing neat tricks. It wasn't my first time in this park but I wanted Jessie to experience what the park had to offer so I added this to our IT.

It was a great show but a hard one to catch on a camera since flash photography may bother the nocturnal animals. After the show, we had the most expensive dinner of our vacation. Each meal was almost SGD20 and with drink, we spent around PHP 3,500. It was worth it, though. The meal was hearty.

We then boarded the Tram where we experienced the first half of the tour. We went down to explore the Leopard Trail but 10 minutes into our exploration and heard a loud roar from a lion and came running back to the tram for the second half of the tour.

At almost midnight, we finished our trip to the Night Safari with photo ops around the place. There were only a few people left so taking pictures was easy. However, it was late at night so our only option was a bus ride to Ang Mo Kio MRT Station and Taxi to our Hostel. Our Transpo back to the City was less than SGD 20.

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