Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 14: Sentosa

On a whim, I urged Jessie to take the board walk so from Vivo City, we used the walkalators to arrive at the waterfront monorail station. It was extremely hot so we took a 5 minute break in the Resorts World Customer Lounge.

Then, proceeded to the Beach Station where we went to Palawan Beach to catch a photo op with a a parrot. Then, we went to the Southern-something mostpart of Asia and I had an earful 'coz I didn't planned swimming in the Sentosa beach since net reviews said it was dirty in which it wasn't so do try to bring swim stuff to Sentosa.

We, then  had more photo ops in Siloso beach where we bought tickets for parajumping experience. From Siloso Beach, we walked to the Mega Zip Adventure Tent and did Parajumping...

Para jumping was scary at first but it was fun during the jump. I urge people to try it. In preparation of doing bungee jumping.

We had a small snack and them headed to Ang Mo Kio to go to the Night Safari.

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