Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Next Steps

Almost 2 months ago, I declared a deadline to quit my job and find another one.

But upon reflecting, I decided I don't want another job. Another job is just replacing one "prison" with another "prison". The pay may be great.

 Photo: Job Prison

The recent pay increase had made me richer that I have ever been but having an office job prevents me from finding my own path.

So I am aiming to make my current job, my last IT office job. My ideal situation is an 8-5 work at home job that pays around PHP 20k to 30k every month (I live a lavish lifestyle). Before 8am, I would jog/run and after 5pm I would do strength exercises at our condo gym. And possibly have weekday classes on language and other topics

That would be my ideal day. Once a week, I would go out to deal with customers of my real estate endeavours and earn an extra PHP 10k to PHP 100k.

Working all day and Earning a Salary monthly isn't the way of life of the rich in this generation.

So continuing on my current career isn't a good option. It is stupid even.

I haven't been able to create a concrete plan as I have been putting it off numerous times but I have to do something soon. My deadline of its achievement is the beginning of next year...

Wish  me Luck!

The first step will be happening on May 28 with my attendance of the VA Seminar by Jomar Hilario.

 Photo: Jomar Hilario

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