Friday, May 20, 2011

Group Voucher Deals = Weekend Dates

I am lucky enough to come across sites that offers group deals. These sites offer discounts on purchases at restaurants, spas and other venues of services when you decided to buy before using a company's service.

First weekend: Repertory Phillipines' Play with Dinner at CIBO Greenbelt

I love watching plays and when Cash Cash Pinoy decided to offer 50% discount at Repertory Philippines' Shakespeare in Hollywood, I bought tickets for two.

Photo: Play Photo

I live in Makati so going to the play's venue was easy. The play was fun, super funny. It was a adaptation of a Midsummer Night's Dream set in early Hollywood. I hope they have a deal when Peter Pan is out.

After watching the play, we were already hungry as it was almost 10pm so we went to CIBO Greenbelt have a great dinner. This time, the voucher we used was from Pakyaw, another group deal site.

It was a hearty meal were we both had pastas and drinks.

We wouldn't normally go to places like CIBO but group deal sites made it possible

Another Weekend: ACE Water Spa

It wasn't our first time in ACE Water Spa but it was nice going back with discounts. It was relaxing to float around the laxy river and be massaged by water. All thanks to Cash Cash Pinoy!

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