Wednesday, May 25, 2011

002: Splash Mountain Laguna

As a kid, my family goes to Laguna weekly but as our family grew, weekly bacame monthly and currently, we go there rarely.

 Photo: Map of Laguna from WikiPilipinas

Being a jeep away from the bus stations heading to Laguna, a trip to this place isn't that far from possible.

And One in particular I want to visit is the Splash Mountain Hotel in Laguna. It was referred to me by a swim buddy and it had been in my options to visit for our anniversary last year.

Going there is just a bus ride. Budget: PHP1000 for all the transportation from Makati and back.

Accomodation is a Couple's room at PHP 2,500.00 with an hour of jacuzzi at PHP 350.

 Photo: De Luxe Room from Splash Mountain

Things to do:

1. Lunch at Oasis Restaurant. Budget: PHP 1,000.00
2. Swim at their pools, especially the Giant Slide Pool

Photo: Giant Waterslides Pool from Splash Mountain

3. Dinner at Oasis Restaurant. Budget: PHP 1,000.00
4. Breakfast at Oasis Restaurant. Budget: PHP 1,000.00
 Photo: Oasis Restaurant from Splash Mountain

This is another relax all day trip.

Estimated Expenses at PHP 6,500.00

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