Tuesday, May 24, 2011

001: Tagaytay

I have been in Tagaytay numerous times and if I own and know how to drive a car. I probably went there more times.

Photo: Tagaytay from Pinoy Lakwatsa

Tagaytay is 2-3 hours commute from Pasay Terminal. You could ride a bus, an FX Taxi or even a jeep (which I won't do).

Transportation Budget: P1000/back and forth Manila and Tagaytay including jeeps and buses to get around the attractions.

 Photo: Royal Taal Inn from Google

Accomodation may be in a 3 star hotel or a simple inn. Budget around PHP2.5k to 5k.

Things to do: 
1. A visit to Leslie's Restaurant is a must. Budget: P2k for a hefty lunch.
Photo: Leslie's Restaurant Street Sign from Visit Pinas

2. Breakfast/Snack at Mushroom Burger. Budget: PHP 300

Photo: Mushroom Burger from Blog Monster Comments

3. A massage in a Spa. Budget: PHP 1000

Photo: Nurture Spa from the Gloss

4. Take out Dinner. Budget: PHP 2,000

5. Stroll in Picnic Groove. P100
Photo: Picnic Groove from Pinoy Travel Blog

The next Tagaytay trip is full of rests and eating...

Total Over-Estimated Trip: PHP 11,400

OA ang estimate pero better safe than sorry...


crumpylicious blog said...

Wow pretty expensive just for Tagaytay. The estimate is for one person? http://crumpyliciousblog.blogspot.com/

Thirdy Lopez said...

It's a extremely exaggerated budget for 2...


Ben Francia said...

I've been to Leslie's with my team and YES (!), the food was awesome. The bulalo was great especially with the view of Taal Volcano.

One of the best out-of-town trips I ever had with my Internet marketing team ever!

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