Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 8: KL to SG

We got up around 6am and got ready to leave for the airport. I already packed everything before sleepin so we were ready to leave as soon as we finished taking a bath and getting dressed. Our Hostel land lady got up early at 7am to help us check out.

 Photo: Baby Bear before leaving KL

Photo: Baby Toro before leaving KL

As pressed for time, as we were. We got to KL Sentral around 8am and boarded a bus to LCCT to arrive a little before 10am. We had no time to waste. We checked in and deposited out bags which included pasalubong at 23 kilos combined. I got scared since we are nor 3 kilos overweight for our way home but for this flight. It was okay since I got the 30kg limit.

 Photo: Brain Freeze due to Bandung Shake

Before boarding, we had breakfast. Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and Roasted Chicken. With Bandung for drinks. I wasn't able to gobble up the Bandung since we will be boarding within the next 20 minutes.

 Photo: Nasi Lemak

Expenses: Around 30RM for the Brunch Meal

We boarded the KL to SG flight and travelled for an hour.

 Photo: Air Asia at the background

When we got to SG, I was excited since we landed on Changi Airport Terminal 1. Too bad, the airport was undergoing renovations so the whole Changi experience was incomplete. The line was long so it took us almost an hour to get through immigration. Before leaving the airport, I got some Maps and we proceeded to the Airport MRT station at Terminal 3.

 Photo: Welcome to Changi Airport

We purchased EZ Link Cards for transportation at SGD15 and headed to our MRT Stop. The SG Subway was complicated so we had to pass 3 interchanges before getting to our hostel.

I book a room at The Mitraa, the same hostel where Ida and I lounged last 2009 so finding the hostel wasn't a problem. Honestly, nothing changed except for the new paint in Thian Hock Temple.

 Photo: Changi Airport MRT

When we arrived, the same Filipino day manager was handling the desk. But the new addition included a Filipino helper, who was extra chatty.

Expenses: around SGD200 for the Hostel Stay or PHP 6,000++ for 3 days and 3 nights

We rested for an hour in our room before heading to Chinatown where Jessie agreed to meet with a Singaporean friend.

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