Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 7: Dinner and Shopping at Jalan Alor and Bukit Bintang

Since we weren't that hungry yet, we window shopped at BB Plaza. It turns out the Malls are all connected since after getting lost, we got out in Sungwei Plaza.

 Photo: Green Veggies at Jalan Alor

By 8pm, we were already hungry and we made our way to a restaurant in Jalar Alor. We were cautious this time at ordering 'coz we had too much last time we dined in Jalan Alor.

 Photo: Roast Chicken, Duck and Pork

I ordered Roasted Duck with Rice while Jessie had the Chicken with Pork and Rice. Jessie was craving for the brocolli leaves thingie so we got that too...

 Photo: Our Hearty Dinner

Expenses for the Meal: Less than 50RM

It was a great meal, where we ended up full.

Before returning to the Hostel to sleep, I wanted to get more pasalubongs so we went back to the Giant Supermarket.

Expenses at the Grocery: Around 15RM 

On the way, we bought a dancing donkey for 25RM, which was selling at 50RM from a Sabah local who speaks Tagalog.

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