Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 6: Menara KL Tower

By the time the Matic show ended, it was raining again but so as not to waste time. We boarded the monorail to Raja Chulan and did a short 10 minute walk to Menara KL. When we got there, we rode a free shuttle to the tower's feet.

 Photo: Menara KL Tower Entrance

The driver offered us observation deck tickets for 30RM but I wanted to the some of the other activities so we got the 38RM package instead. But since it was raining, many of the attractions were closed and the other attractions weren't that interesting.

My advise is to get 30RM ticket from the driver.

So we, first went to the Observation Deck. You're pretty much covered after travelling a few seconds of 250++ meters of the 4th tallest communication tower in the world.

 Photo: Menara KL Tower Observation Deck

At the Deck, you'll have a audio visual guide, which will tell what you are looking at. The binoculars are also free of charge so if you want to look at the "puny humans" down the tower, you won't have to dig out coins.

Photo: Looking below Observation Deck

After 12 windows, we had tourists photos taken and went down for a quick snack.

For Snacks, I had Roti Prata and Jessie had Nasi Lemak.

 Photo: Roti Prata

Photo: Nasi Lemak

Before going down, we dropped by the Animal Center and the Complimentary pony ride.

 Photo: Surviving the pony ride

I didn't like horses so the ride was a little nerve-racking but I still survived it.

 Photo: Menara KL Tourist Photo

We had more tourist photos and boarded the shuttle to the foot of the hill and made our way back to our hostel.

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