Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 5: Matic

We got to Matic after a 10 minute walk.

We then found out the the show will start on 3pm so we an hour or so to kill. But Matic is a great place to relax.

We had Wifi and computer terminal to do some net surfing. There was TV. We, even, had a 3 minute chair massage.

There was an art gallery, too but I wasn't able to visit it since the show was already starting.

Photo: Matic Cultural Show

The show was a cultural dance show featuring traditional dances for Malaysian tribes, as well as the many small communities who settled in the country (Indians, Chinese, Thai).

 Photo: Matic Cultural Show

Photo: Matic Cultural Show

Photo: Matic Cultural Show

Expenses: 5RM/person for the show fee

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