Friday, April 29, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 13: Merlion Hotel

We started out day having pesos changed to Singapore Dollars to avoid tapping out all our money. Then, we headed to Esplanade Area to see the Merlion Hotel. At the time of our visit, the Singaporean landmark was covered in a temporary structure that serves as a luxury hotel. We fell into line after exploring a different path from Raffles Place MRT to the Merlion Park.

After almost half an hour of waiting under the sun, we got an estimated time of visit and went inside the art exhibit named Merlion Hotel. It was such an experience to be as upclose to the Merlion as possible and to have a feel of how it a stay in the Merlion Hotel would feel. The visit was short but the experience was once in a lifetime.

We then headed to Lau Pa Sat to have our lunch.

The food choice was a lot so choosing what to have for lunch was confusing. I got a Chinese Dimsum soup and Jessie had spicy Ramen.

Afterwhich, we headed to Sentosa.

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