Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 12: Indian All you can Eat Vegetarian Restaurant

After USS, we met with another of Jessie's friends who works as a Piano Teacher. Her name is April and she recommended a place to eat.

I forgot the name of the restaurant. It is located inside a mall in the opposite side of the tourist side of Chinatown.

You can order anything as much as you want and pay any amount in the cashier.

We ordered 3 courses but only 2 courses for me. As a donation, we each gave SGD 10. It will go to a cause in India.

1 comment:

Reverend Eslam said...

Mr. Lopez,
I think that Indian restaurant may be called "Annalakshmi"?
The "cause" in India is a hindu mission I understand.
Jesus is KING!

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