Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 11: Universal Studios Singapore

From our hostel in Little India, we headed to Vivo City and rode the Sentosa Monorail to WaterFront station which housed the Universal Studios Singapore. I was really excited for this one.

Before entring the theme park, we had to take token photos with the universal studios sign

I bought the tickets before heading outside the country so we didn't had to queue. I recommend others to do this as well since at weekends, tickets do run out.

First Stop was Hollywood. We found Kung Fu Panda so we had a photo op with him.

Next Stop was Madagascar. We just had a photo with the movie cast since the one ride in this section is for kids.

We then headed to Far Far Away where we dropped by Shrek's House.

Then, rode the Enchanted Airways.

Then, was held captive and was freed in Shrek's 4D Adventure.

Then, we watched Donkey Live.

Before heading to JurassicPark, we had our lunch. We each had Chicken Rice around SGD10 each. There were water fountains in the park so drinks weren't that expensive.

First stop in Jurassic Park was the Canopy Flyer, where we flew around the park.

Then, Dino Soaring where we flew a pterodactyl.

Last was a very long wait to the Rapid Adventure where we got soaked. Really soaked.

Next Stop was Ancient Egypt where we took pictures with the Pyramids behind us. We, then, left our things in a free locker service to feel the wrath of the Revenge of the Mummy twice.

On our way out of Ancient Egypt, we met a few of these weird fellas that had horse feet so we had photos with them.

Next, we headed to the future to Sci-Fi City. Our first ride was the Battlestar Gallactica: Human, which was really thrilling.

After that ride, we rushed back to the Lost World and saw the Water World show. Here, we didn't dare to be soaked again so we seated far from the you'll be soaked zone.

Then, we headed back to the Sci-Fi City where we rode the Battlestar Gallactica: Cyclone and the Accelerator.

On our way to New York, we met some aliens and had photos with them.

At New York, we dropped by Lights, Camera, Action™: Hosted By Steven Spielberg and saw a Hurricane destroy a building right in front of us.

Our Last Stop was in Hollywood , Here we took photos with stars.

Then, we saw a musical concert featuring the movie monsters.

On our way out of the USS, we were serenaded by a boy band, which I swore featured Pinoy members.

It was a fun day, despite being soaked and recruited in both human and cylone armies.

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