Friday, April 29, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 13: Merlion Hotel

We started out day having pesos changed to Singapore Dollars to avoid tapping out all our money. Then, we headed to Esplanade Area to see the Merlion Hotel. At the time of our visit, the Singaporean landmark was covered in a temporary structure that serves as a luxury hotel. We fell into line after exploring a different path from Raffles Place MRT to the Merlion Park.

After almost half an hour of waiting under the sun, we got an estimated time of visit and went inside the art exhibit named Merlion Hotel. It was such an experience to be as upclose to the Merlion as possible and to have a feel of how it a stay in the Merlion Hotel would feel. The visit was short but the experience was once in a lifetime.

We then headed to Lau Pa Sat to have our lunch.

The food choice was a lot so choosing what to have for lunch was confusing. I got a Chinese Dimsum soup and Jessie had spicy Ramen.

Afterwhich, we headed to Sentosa.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 12: Indian All you can Eat Vegetarian Restaurant

After USS, we met with another of Jessie's friends who works as a Piano Teacher. Her name is April and she recommended a place to eat.

I forgot the name of the restaurant. It is located inside a mall in the opposite side of the tourist side of Chinatown.

You can order anything as much as you want and pay any amount in the cashier.

We ordered 3 courses but only 2 courses for me. As a donation, we each gave SGD 10. It will go to a cause in India.

Our KL to SG Trip Part 11: Universal Studios Singapore

From our hostel in Little India, we headed to Vivo City and rode the Sentosa Monorail to WaterFront station which housed the Universal Studios Singapore. I was really excited for this one.

Before entring the theme park, we had to take token photos with the universal studios sign

I bought the tickets before heading outside the country so we didn't had to queue. I recommend others to do this as well since at weekends, tickets do run out.

First Stop was Hollywood. We found Kung Fu Panda so we had a photo op with him.

Next Stop was Madagascar. We just had a photo with the movie cast since the one ride in this section is for kids.

We then headed to Far Far Away where we dropped by Shrek's House.

Then, rode the Enchanted Airways.

Then, was held captive and was freed in Shrek's 4D Adventure.

Then, we watched Donkey Live.

Before heading to JurassicPark, we had our lunch. We each had Chicken Rice around SGD10 each. There were water fountains in the park so drinks weren't that expensive.

First stop in Jurassic Park was the Canopy Flyer, where we flew around the park.

Then, Dino Soaring where we flew a pterodactyl.

Last was a very long wait to the Rapid Adventure where we got soaked. Really soaked.

Next Stop was Ancient Egypt where we took pictures with the Pyramids behind us. We, then, left our things in a free locker service to feel the wrath of the Revenge of the Mummy twice.

On our way out of Ancient Egypt, we met a few of these weird fellas that had horse feet so we had photos with them.

Next, we headed to the future to Sci-Fi City. Our first ride was the Battlestar Gallactica: Human, which was really thrilling.

After that ride, we rushed back to the Lost World and saw the Water World show. Here, we didn't dare to be soaked again so we seated far from the you'll be soaked zone.

Then, we headed back to the Sci-Fi City where we rode the Battlestar Gallactica: Cyclone and the Accelerator.

On our way to New York, we met some aliens and had photos with them.

At New York, we dropped by Lights, Camera, Action™: Hosted By Steven Spielberg and saw a Hurricane destroy a building right in front of us.

Our Last Stop was in Hollywood , Here we took photos with stars.

Then, we saw a musical concert featuring the movie monsters.

On our way out of the USS, we were serenaded by a boy band, which I swore featured Pinoy members.

It was a fun day, despite being soaked and recruited in both human and cylone armies.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 10: Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Merlion Hotel and Glutton's Bay

From the Chinatown MRT, we came to a MRT Interchange and in the Circle Line, headed to the Esplanade Stop.

Our First Stop was the Esplanade. There isn't really much to see inside the esplanade unless you had booked to see a performance or an exhibit so we just passed by here and took some photos. Jessie's friend, Hattiew toured us around the place and we were led to the library that had CDs and musical pieces.

We, then, headed outside overlooking the marina bay sands hotel for some photos before Hattiew left us since she had to attend her choir's rehearsal.

From Esplanade, we headed to the Merlion which was Merlion Hotel at the moment due to an arts festival. It was alredy 7pm so the Merlion Hotel was already closed. We snapped more photos on our way to the Makansutra Glutton Bay.

We were surrounded with Pinoys at that time. Pinoy yung ka-share ng table.. Pinoy sa harap at likod namen.. andaming Pinoy!

Anyway, we had a sumptuous dinner of stingray, fried rice and choy sum with water chestnut as drinks.

We were exhausted from too much walking so we opted not to stroll in the helix bridge leading to Marina Bay Sands. Wonderfull show was on as we left towards out hostel and called it a night.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 9: Chinatown

I was already hungry and cranky. While Jessie was overly eager to meet with his Singaporean friend, who he hadn't seen in a while. From the MRT, I headed to a store with any sort of food while Jessie went on to meet his friend.

 Photo: Chinatown MRT Map

Jessie's friend is a Singaporean local so she toured us around this part of the city.

Our first stop, the Chinatown Food Street. It is usually open starting 5pm and it was only 3pm so only a few stores were open. We had Char Kwey Teow, each at SGD 3-5 and Water Chestnut juices for around SGD 2 each.

 Photo: Me, Jessie and Hattie at Chinatown Food Street

Then, we proceeded to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which I wasn't able to go to 'coz we went there at 7pm-ish wherein the temple was already closed. The temple had a thousand or more buddhas.

 Photo: Buddhas everywhere

at its 3rd floor, they had a museum that talked about buddha. It talked about how buddha becamed the enlightened one and how another buddha is bound to come in the future. At the end of the exhibit, it has idols that embodies kindness. So all those buddhist idols are not Gods but the embodiment of kindness.

 Photo: The Next Buddha

Jessie was jumpy at that time so he took pictures of the desriptions to read later. Here they are:

After the temple visit, we had a quick photo op at Sri Mariamman Temple. Then, dropped by a tea shop to get cold drinks since it was really hot that day.
Photo: Sri Mariamman Temple

At around 5pm, we were Marina Bay bound.
 Photo: Now, Marina Bay Bound

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 8: KL to SG

We got up around 6am and got ready to leave for the airport. I already packed everything before sleepin so we were ready to leave as soon as we finished taking a bath and getting dressed. Our Hostel land lady got up early at 7am to help us check out.

 Photo: Baby Bear before leaving KL

Photo: Baby Toro before leaving KL

As pressed for time, as we were. We got to KL Sentral around 8am and boarded a bus to LCCT to arrive a little before 10am. We had no time to waste. We checked in and deposited out bags which included pasalubong at 23 kilos combined. I got scared since we are nor 3 kilos overweight for our way home but for this flight. It was okay since I got the 30kg limit.

 Photo: Brain Freeze due to Bandung Shake

Before boarding, we had breakfast. Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and Roasted Chicken. With Bandung for drinks. I wasn't able to gobble up the Bandung since we will be boarding within the next 20 minutes.

 Photo: Nasi Lemak

Expenses: Around 30RM for the Brunch Meal

We boarded the KL to SG flight and travelled for an hour.

 Photo: Air Asia at the background

When we got to SG, I was excited since we landed on Changi Airport Terminal 1. Too bad, the airport was undergoing renovations so the whole Changi experience was incomplete. The line was long so it took us almost an hour to get through immigration. Before leaving the airport, I got some Maps and we proceeded to the Airport MRT station at Terminal 3.

 Photo: Welcome to Changi Airport

We purchased EZ Link Cards for transportation at SGD15 and headed to our MRT Stop. The SG Subway was complicated so we had to pass 3 interchanges before getting to our hostel.

I book a room at The Mitraa, the same hostel where Ida and I lounged last 2009 so finding the hostel wasn't a problem. Honestly, nothing changed except for the new paint in Thian Hock Temple.

 Photo: Changi Airport MRT

When we arrived, the same Filipino day manager was handling the desk. But the new addition included a Filipino helper, who was extra chatty.

Expenses: around SGD200 for the Hostel Stay or PHP 6,000++ for 3 days and 3 nights

We rested for an hour in our room before heading to Chinatown where Jessie agreed to meet with a Singaporean friend.

Our KL to SG Trip Part 7: Dinner and Shopping at Jalan Alor and Bukit Bintang

Since we weren't that hungry yet, we window shopped at BB Plaza. It turns out the Malls are all connected since after getting lost, we got out in Sungwei Plaza.

 Photo: Green Veggies at Jalan Alor

By 8pm, we were already hungry and we made our way to a restaurant in Jalar Alor. We were cautious this time at ordering 'coz we had too much last time we dined in Jalan Alor.

 Photo: Roast Chicken, Duck and Pork

I ordered Roasted Duck with Rice while Jessie had the Chicken with Pork and Rice. Jessie was craving for the brocolli leaves thingie so we got that too...

 Photo: Our Hearty Dinner

Expenses for the Meal: Less than 50RM

It was a great meal, where we ended up full.

Before returning to the Hostel to sleep, I wanted to get more pasalubongs so we went back to the Giant Supermarket.

Expenses at the Grocery: Around 15RM 

On the way, we bought a dancing donkey for 25RM, which was selling at 50RM from a Sabah local who speaks Tagalog.

Our KL to SG Trip Part 6: Menara KL Tower

By the time the Matic show ended, it was raining again but so as not to waste time. We boarded the monorail to Raja Chulan and did a short 10 minute walk to Menara KL. When we got there, we rode a free shuttle to the tower's feet.

 Photo: Menara KL Tower Entrance

The driver offered us observation deck tickets for 30RM but I wanted to the some of the other activities so we got the 38RM package instead. But since it was raining, many of the attractions were closed and the other attractions weren't that interesting.

My advise is to get 30RM ticket from the driver.

So we, first went to the Observation Deck. You're pretty much covered after travelling a few seconds of 250++ meters of the 4th tallest communication tower in the world.

 Photo: Menara KL Tower Observation Deck

At the Deck, you'll have a audio visual guide, which will tell what you are looking at. The binoculars are also free of charge so if you want to look at the "puny humans" down the tower, you won't have to dig out coins.

Photo: Looking below Observation Deck

After 12 windows, we had tourists photos taken and went down for a quick snack.

For Snacks, I had Roti Prata and Jessie had Nasi Lemak.

 Photo: Roti Prata

Photo: Nasi Lemak

Before going down, we dropped by the Animal Center and the Complimentary pony ride.

 Photo: Surviving the pony ride

I didn't like horses so the ride was a little nerve-racking but I still survived it.

 Photo: Menara KL Tourist Photo

We had more tourist photos and boarded the shuttle to the foot of the hill and made our way back to our hostel.

Our KL to SG Trip Part 5: Matic

We got to Matic after a 10 minute walk.

We then found out the the show will start on 3pm so we an hour or so to kill. But Matic is a great place to relax.

We had Wifi and computer terminal to do some net surfing. There was TV. We, even, had a 3 minute chair massage.

There was an art gallery, too but I wasn't able to visit it since the show was already starting.

Photo: Matic Cultural Show

The show was a cultural dance show featuring traditional dances for Malaysian tribes, as well as the many small communities who settled in the country (Indians, Chinese, Thai).

 Photo: Matic Cultural Show

Photo: Matic Cultural Show

Photo: Matic Cultural Show

Expenses: 5RM/person for the show fee

Friday, April 01, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 4: KLCC

For our third day in Kuala Lumpur was all about visiting its landmarks, the Petronas Towers and the Menara KL Tower. I also squeezed in a little cultural show to have a taste of Malaysian culture.

Our first iterinary was visiting the Petronas Twin Towers.

 Photo: At Petronas Twin Towers

After having our breakfast, we headed to Bukit Nanas and walked towards the Petronas Twin Towers. We, first, proceeded to the ticket booth since forums had said there will be a long line towards getting a ticket to the Twin Tower's skybridge ans despite being a Tuesday. The line was indeed long and the viewing time would be 1:30pm even if we were already there at 10-11am. so we opted not to get in line since the view from menara KL was better since it was higher, from advices from forum posters. We took our token tourist photos in front of the Petronas Towers and went around KLCC to find if we will be able to buy new clothes. At that time, it was the Malaysian GP Sale so everything was on sale but the question would be, if we'll find something we like so until late 12nn, we were window shopping.

 Photo: Race Car

Since we were hungry, we opted to shop another time and head off to Lunch.

By recommendation, we decided to try Nando's. Forum posters said it would be a great visit so we had our lunch there. We were there earlier than lunch so we had a good seat. I ordered the Mild viand and Jessie got the Hot one. It was super spicy so it was helpful we had apple drinks, too.

Photo: Nando's

After lunch, we dropped by cold storage to get ice cream so that we could relieve the spiciness from Nando's. Since it was still too early to go to MaTic, we proceeded to KLCC to have a little nap by the Twin Towers.

 Photo: View at KLCC Park

At 2pm, we proceeded to MaTic.

Expenses: 50RM for our lunches; 5RM for our Ice Cream

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