Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thirdy Lopez: A Yuppie Story

I'm currently reading a book titled Think Rich, Yuppies by Sha Nacino and Trace Trajano, best-selling author of Think Rich Quick.

In the first chapter, Sha shared how she became a yuppie and how it felt.

So here I write about the same thing.

At the beginning of 2007, I set my goal of becoming an employee. I was still not sure if I would graduate but I already finished the final draft of my resume so I sent them out anyway and went on a few interviews. I got to go to Shaw to Eastwood to Ortigas, in my search of an employer.

Around the time I was finishing our thesis, I had a few offers. But around March, I signed with my first company as junior consultant which is a java developer position. Fortunately, my first assignment was training and initial work in Spain so instead of going on a vacation where I spend more of my parents money. I spent it on vacation in Europe. Having money given both in Pesos and Euros, I splurge on shopping 100 euros for pasalubong on one shopping day and I went on 2-3 shopping days. With my euro allowance, my officemates and I was able to tour Barcelona, Madrid (twice), and  Toledo(twice).

The 3 month assignment came to an end and I got to keep around P20,000.00 or more.


Unknown said...

Is it just me or parang putol yung entry ...

Thirdy Lopez said...

Tama, di pa tapos!

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