Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our KL to SG Trip Part 1: Voyage from Manila to Kuala Lumpur

Around May 2010, I found a sale in Air Asia that sold tickets from Clark to Kuala Lumpur at a bargain price of P2k++/person. I immediately grabbed the opportunity to get cheap tickets and planned to accomplish my promise to return to Malaysia and Singapore.

It was a long wait until the trip actually came to existence. There was even some close calls of the trip not pushing through. First, there was the lack of budget which was solved when I got my perfomance bonus just 2 weeks before the trip. Then, there was the my leaves pending approval when my project ended a month before the trip and the new project I was transferred in, didn't require my expertise a lot so my leave with my new boss was easily approved.

The trip begins

On Saturday night, I rushed to our QC house as I needed to get the other luggage from my dad who just arrived from Baguio. The commute was long, as usual so I had my dinner at our house before packing all our things at around 10pm. The trip was early Sunday at around 5am since we needed to be at the Pasay Terminal by 6:30am. We arrived in time and had extra time to eat breakfast for 15 mins. The travel was fast, but I really didn't notice as I spent most of the trip sleeping.

Photo: Me at the Philtranco Bus

Expenses so far: Taxi: Php60,  Breakfast: Php120, Bus Fare: Php 700

We arrived at a great time. After we withdrew money from a RCBC ATM at DMIA (Diosdado Macapagal International Airport). We entered the terminal to exchange money from Pesos to Malaysian Ringgit and Singaporean Dollars. By the way, I advise you to change money at our airports, as money changers in other countries has a greater exchange rate.

Expenses so far: Withdrawal Fee for other banks: Php11 multiplied by 5 transactions.

We then paid Travel Taxes and used the self-check-in terminals of Air Asia. By the way, these terminals chose seats at random so if you arrived early, it will sit you together otherwise you will be in different parts of the plane. At this time, we were lucky enough to get a window seat and seats that are beside each other. Of course, I get the window seat. Anyway, we checked in our bags that weighed 16kgs at that time. Then, paid the terminal fee. We then passed immigration and one more security check and awaited our flight in the departure lounge where we had snacks.

 Photo: DMIA Pre-departure area

Expenses so far: Travel Tax: Php 1320/person,  Terminal Fee: P600/person Snacks: P300 Load: P300

At 10:45am, we boarded the Air Asia Plane which was covered in Bank Rakyat advertising and almost slept through the whole 3 hour flight. We had our pre-booked meals and tea, which we thought was part of the meal we got but wasn't.

Photo: Me before boarding the plane

Expenses so far: 10RM for our teas

We arrived a minute after our planned arrival at around 3pm. We went through the usual process of immigration and headed out the Sky bus terminal when we realized we forgot to claim our luggage. Lucky enough, the LCCT security wasn't that strict so after explaining our case, we got in the baggage claim section and got our luggage. We, then, boarded the Sky bus and slept another hour and 15 minutes as we made our way to the KL Sentral.

Expenses so far: 9RM/person for the sky bus fare.

From KL Sentral, we dropped by a convenient store where Jessie found a picture worthy cake.
 Photo: Pasalubong para kay Mommy

Expenses so far: less than 10RM for our snacks

Then, we made our way to the monorail, which is on the other side of the street of KL Sentral. since some tourists were taking their picture in front of the monorail. I did the same. Naki-gaya na din!

 Photo: A tourist in the Monorail

Expenses so far: less than 5RM for our Tickets

From the monorail, we alighted at Bukit Bintang where our hostel is nearby. At that time, it was already raining so we had to bring out our umbrellas as we navigated using the directions from the email from HostelWorld. We mistakenly entered the wrong hotel since our hostel ended up just beside the hotel we entered.

 Photo: Maraming ads ang kamukha nito!

Upon entering the hostel, we were greeted by another guest who looked like some sort of yogi and told us to look for the woman with no hair. Wow, freaky but as it turns out she just had a boy cut. The woman was the owner of the hostel and her name is Suzy. She told us the rules of the hostel and checked us in the room of happiness.

 Photo: Our room is the happiness room

For an hour or so, Jessie opted to be a facebook addict and while we were waiting for the rain stop.

 Photo: Jessie was facebook-ing

Expenses so far: 189RM for the Hostel Stay and 10RM for the key deposit

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