Sunday, March 06, 2011

My Deal Grocer Experience: Borough, the Podium

Early in January, I discovered a site called Deal Grocer. This site sells discounted items like restaurant vouchers and other items.

The first deal that came to my interest is the 50% 3-course meal in Borough, Podium. For around, P500 per person. We usually spend around Php 1k on dates and this deal is perfect for us 'coz we get to dine for worth P2k for only P1k, which is within our budget.

I grabbed the chance and purchase 2 vouchers. There were something wrong the vouchers at first but the team behind deal grocer had sorted out the wrong information in the coupon and I was able to avail it without any hassle.

So for only P500/person, we had a sumptuous 3 course meal.

Mind you one course is already enough if you are dining without deals so I assure you we felt like bloated pigs after that date...

1st course: Buffalo Chicken Wings
The chicken wings were really great. It came with a cream cheese dip and it was really spicy. A different sense that the usual salty and sweet blend of cheaper restaurants.

Photo: That was me, playing with my food.

2nd course: All Beef Cheeseburger
They actually served the first and second course at the same time but we ate it one at time.

The all beef cheeseburger was heaven. You could really taste the meat's natural juice and really protein filled. My tummy felt it.

3rd Course (Dessert): Milk and Cookies
This was super yummy.

The milk has a unique taste. Our best guess is that the added vanilla to the creamy milk. We had fun mocking doing shots with milk 'coz they had us use shot glasses for the milk.

Photo: Tagay na!

The cookies compliments the taste of the milk. It was super yummy.

We were really full so we took half of the cookies home.

Aside from our vouchers, I ordered a glass of cranberry juice. It tasted like wine without the alcohol.

The Borough experience was fun. The staff were very helpful. The owner was even checking if we were enjoying the food. We looked pained of eating because we were super full and the food was yummy so we had to empty our plates.

BTW, this is a free advertising. I don't get anything from Deal Grocer or Borough. Try both businesses out!

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