Thursday, March 03, 2011

Anniversaries Celebrated

Honestly, I am blogging this as a homage to the bloggers who inspired me.

Anniversaries are great events.

In this day, you celebrate lasting longer than majority of couples out there (says a bitter amplaya).

In this day, you celebrate your love together lasting for a year (says the idealistic kid).

In this day, you try to seal the deal or reseal it again (says a hormonal boy).

For me, Anniversaries are a great excuse to do something out of the ordinary. Go out of the country, out of town. It is a celebration of your love, and an opportunity to escape the woes of daily life with (who else? but ) the love of your life...

So what did we do?

1st Anniversary: Tagaytay

During that time, we had busy schedules that the only way to go on an out of town trip was go to a nearby go-to-spot, Tagaytay. It was a simple day trip. Early in the morning, we boarded a bus to Olivarez and had breakfast in a trendy restaurant.

We, then headed to Picnic Groove to enjoy the try the zip lines and fly a kite.

Lunch was at Leslie's where we encountered rain, which was a good thing 'coz we got to rest for an hour.

Afternoon was spent in the Zoo, where we met a tiger.

We capped the day with a dinner in a pizza place and the purchase of our ring... (♪Put a ring on it ♪)

2nd Anniversary: Kuala Lumpur

Our 2nd anniversary was our first out of the country trip. We went around Kuala Lumpur and even ventured to Genting Highlands and Sunway.

I fell in love with the country so we'll be heading back there soon...

3rd Anniversary: Batangas

We were all set to spend the weekend in Batangas but due to sudden schedule conflicts, we went for a day trip instead.

We went early in the morning. The commute was mighty crazy that we arrived in the resort around lunch time.

We had a sumptuous lunch buffet and we went for a swim in a infinity pool.

Then, we relaxed at a hut before heading to the beach to do some kayaking.

The resort people told us to go home early as it is difficult to get a ride to the city so at 4pm, we rushed to a merienda buffet and headed back to the city. It was tiring but the 5 hours of relaxation was worth it.

What about for our next one? Hmmmmm....


L said...

Sweet. :-)

Happy 3rd anniv to you and your girl.

renee said...

I agree with you. ;) Celebrating anniversaries is the best way to renew your promises as well as to rekindle the flame of love in your relationship! She's lucky to have you! Keep it up! Oh by the way, have a safe trip! ;)

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