Thursday, February 24, 2011

Imaging Ghosts

I didn't really expect condos to be haunted. Then, a friend told something about having ghosts in his old place, GA Tower, where little kid ghosts roam around. Freaky, right?

I haven't had ghost experience and I don't intend to have one.

But wild minds wonder, though.

Every other Wednesday night, I go up our roof deck to do 15 minutes of jumping rope. Yeah, since I cannot do them upon waking up. I do them after work hours.

So here I was up the roof deck and I seem to be all alone.

My imagination wanders as I do the first round of jumping rope routines. I thought I saw a head peeping in the kid's playground so I decided to go to another spot on the roof deck. Then I would hear footsteps and I freaked.

With all senses reaping backing in, the footsteps were the rope hitting the floor and the head was the guy who hang out the kid's playground...

I don't like the idea of being scared yet I cook it up my mind...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

That Begiouw Trip

Last Friday up to this weekend, My friends and I went to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio.

Before anything, let me point out some random truths:
1. January is the coldest month in the Philippines
2. Baguio is the coldest City in this Country.
3. This is not my first time in Baguio but it has been a few years since my last visit.
4. My Last Visit was with my Family and It was just a day trip and spent mostly in a picnic at Burnham Park.

So here's how it went:

Friday, Dawn

From an unexpected overtime work, I hurried to our place to pack my things. Averi and I agreed to meet within the Makati area at around 4am. We, then, headed to the Victory Liner where we met Introvert, GreggyTorned and Averi's Friend, Maki. We were gunning to get a 5AM trip but got a 6AM trip instead. So there, we were sleepy kids awaiting the 6AM bus. The ride to Baguio was smooth with the whole gang almost sleeping the whole way.

Friday, Noon

We arrived at Baguio around 11am. The cool breeze welcomed us. We, then, hailed a cab to Session Road where we were supposed to have lunch at Zola but it was still closed so we headed to Oh, My Gulay, as per Maki's suggestion. The restaurant had a lot of artsy stuff and served mostly veggie meals. In this place, Introvert uttered his new catch phrase.

Introvert: Swerte mo naman sa mga exes mo, they are all good looking...
Greggy: Pero  masama naman ang ugali..
Introvert: But Still...

Greggy also revealed to us why he was walking weird. It wasn't from the long trip to Baguio but because of running too much the day before so he literally became a princess and required little or no walking...

Friday, Afternoon

We arrived in our transient home and me with the warm host, Tita. She was so welcoming that it seems like we were old friends. Anyway, we spent the first few hours checking facebook and watching American Idol.

Greggy: Ilipat  mo nga yung Channel... Lakasan mo yung volume
GroundBreak: Ginawa akong remote control?

We, then, slept the whole afternoon and went out for dinner after seeing 2 episodes of American Idol and Glee.

Friday, Night

We went out for dinner at Zola's were we had hearty amounts of Chicken and Pork, with Pizza. BTW, it was during the walk to Zola that Introvert met his new friend, the wolf head. After which, we went to have coffee at Kafe Klutch. We wanted to buy Vodka but they only allowed purchase before 7pm so we didn't drink that night.

Greggy: Alam mo di attractive sa aken yung mga good looking na inassume na nila na pinapansin sila ng mga tao.
Averi: Like me?
Greggy: Yeah, right.. That's very unassuming.

Around 2am, Majarlikan arrived in Baguio and joined our group as we watched American Idol yet again.

Saturday, Noon

Okay, most of the gang slept all morning while the rest watched American Idol for the nth time. I swear I saw that weird pitchy girl for 3 times!

When everyone got ready, we dined lunch at SM Baguio where we transferred to 3 tables with the lead of the very assertive Majarlikan. We then went to Good Shepherd as Introvert was abound Manila in the dawn and he wanted to get pasalubong. I got a bottle of Strawberry and Ube Jam for myself too. We met Erikista and RedBed there.

Then, we went to Botanical Garden to explore. After which, we headed to our transient home to rest.

Saturday, Night

Like the cool weather, we weren't really up for a crazy night so we opted to dine at Don Henricos (which according to RedBed is the first branch in the country) then had a little drink at the house. Then again, Introvert had drank more than half of the one bottle we got so he was the most drunk among us. Around 2am, he left to go back to Manila but not before Majarlikan started talking about ghosts. Ghost Stories in Baguio of all places, right?

(This happened while I was asleep)
Majarlikan: Tignan mo si Averi ang ganda ng posing... (Averi asleep so he didn't hear it)
(Greggy and Majarlikan converse in whisper)
Averi: Anung pinag-uusapan niyo? (Biglaan!)

Sunday, Morning

I think I had the best sleep among all of us so I was eager to walk around Burnham park which was 10 minutes away from our place. I wished I brought running gear. It seems nice to run around that park.

Sunday, Afternoon

Everyone was finally awake and we checked out of the transient house. We, then, went to RedBed's and left our things there. BTW, RedBed grew up in Baguio so he had a house there. Afterwhich, we met YellowCab at O Mai Khan and had coffee at Cafe by the Ruins.

Averi: May naiwan pa ba?
Greggy: Meron! Memories... Charot!

Sunday, Night

We boarded a bus to Manila which left at 6:30pm. (Thank God we reserved early!) Then Arrived, around midnight.

(While waiting for the bus)
Averi: "♫♪ Sings a Gospel song. ♫♪" (looks at Greggy) CHAROT!

Overall, our relaxed Baguio Trip was worth the budget and the effort. Next trip, BEACH?

Anung ginawa niyo sa Baguio? Natulog at Kumain.. We just did it sa Lamig! 18 to 10 degrees na lamig..

Early Morning Fail: Cannot do Cardio

I decided to do early morning cardio workouts using my speed rope aka Sporty name for a jumping rope. I even penciled it in my planner but come 6am a few hours ago... I became too lazy to actually do it.

I put on my exercise clothes but I felt the laziness when I was about to put on my shoes.

I will attempt to try this again next Saturday. I hope to actually get it done this time.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


This song was introduced to me by a friend.. I super love it...

Original by J Rice
i've been waiting so long to see you.
i never knew how good it could feel till i held you
i never imagined that one person could ever mean so much
but then it happend just like a praid for a blessing from above.

there you are, what a creation
needing my patience
deserving all my time
so beautiful what a creation
simply amazing instantly changing my life.

i realise very day i need you.
i really do and if it where through i'd still want you
and you'll always be the whole world to me
you're gods precious gift
every time you smile
every single kiss
i give my life for this
there you are, what a creation.
needing my patience
deserving all my time
so beautiful what a creation
simply amazing instantly changing my life.

and i just want to hold you and never let you go
and now that i have you, baby i won't take you for granted
here's why; you're the greatest thing that happend in my life

here you are, what a creation
needing my patience
deserving all my time
so beautiful what a creation
simply amazing instantly changing my life.

here you are, what a creation
needing my patience
deserving all my time
so beautiful what a creation
simply amazing instantly changing my life.

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