Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Planning to hit the target

Last weekend, I got a text from the "CEO" of a team that doesn't produce much results so far.

She asked "are you still up for the challenge? (even if she wasn't)"... My phone died before I got to reply but I wanted to say "I am still up for it even if the rest of the team would be.."

Then I realize I haven't been doing much lately... I just been following up on one customer that takes so long to close... (That's business!)
So this is a wake up call to continue with bigger impact actions as my mentor said, "the more offers you make the more deals you get..."

Gotta get moving!!!


Jack said...


I have the customer made the

RRR-ight choice.


Thirdy Lopez said...

Keep up the good work!

Jack said...

I mean *I hope.



Thirdy Lopez said...


He didn't, LOL!

I have yet to find that customer.. Wish me Luck!

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