Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Minimize my Sugar Declaration

Starting February 2011, I shall be:
  • Eating McDo Sundae twice a month. Every Tuesday or Thursday 1st and 3rd week of the month
  • Not eating milk chocolates or any chocolate products for dessert 
  •  Eating Dark Chocolate only twice a week on Wednesday Nights and Saturday Afternoon
  •  Substitute Choco Cravings to Fruits or Fruit products

Wish me luck and aim for this declaration to be followed!


    ArCeeTee said...

    I love stories of diet plans....i wish you all the best out of it...if you plan on taking fruit shakes, request for non fat milk and less syrup hehehe....

    Keep me posted.

    Thirdy Lopez said...

    Ricky! I usually use the regular king of milk - non of those non-fat things...

    And sugar is limited to only fruits that doesn't have the kind of sweetness like buko or melon... Feb ko pa umpisahan..

    Ubusin ko muna chocolates sa Bahay...

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