Friday, December 03, 2010

Thirdy supports World Vision

I didn't really mind those sudden change of profile pictures to their favorite cartoon in facebook.

Then, last night... I changed my profile picture to my favorite cartoon, Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory because my bestfriend Bianca bugged me about it...

Then as I went to my favorite online hang-out, pinoyexchange... One pexer was advocating the same be done to our avatars. I came to realize that the campaign is pointless....

What is a simple change of profile pictures help the prevention  in child abuse? It would just remind us of our favorite cartoons...

I believe that if you really want to help children is to donate your resources to organizations like Bantay Bata 163 that is especially aimed at helping victims of Children abuse.

But I would be advocating my favorite NGO, World Vision.

If you really want to take action on helping children...

I suggest you give only P1k of your bonus to 2 families so that they can celebrate Christmas

If you want to do it regularly, sponsor a kid for only P600/month so that s/he can have the basic needs of a student and support in community projects.

Putting cartoon avatars are fun but what do they accomplish?

Act now.

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