Friday, December 31, 2010

Love/Hate Messages for 2010. Inspired by a Friend

As inspired by my friend's FB note, I am sending out messages to people who greatly influenced my 2010. I shall not name them in the messages below.

As per rules:
- In no order of preference
- No repetition
- The writer (I) has an option to eventually reveal who the messages are for after several months or leave you guessing forever...

"Cryptic Messages"

  1. To a Group of People: If there is one thing constant in my life, it is that you will always be there for me... I know that despite what the first reactions will be to any unexpected situations, the end result is your acceptance and that you will still be proud of me. I want to be 90% (some things are best kept to yourself i.e. sex life) honest to you but we weren't bred to be that honest. Still, I'd like us to share some things that is so difficult to open up with. In 2011, maybe things will change, let''s see... But one thing I know for certain is I love you and you'll still love me.
  2. To a special someone: I never found the need to tell you this because it is so obvious you are teased about it but in a crowd of performers, you're the only face I seek. Despite the loud applause for the leads, your voice is the only thing I constant aim to hear. I love taking care of you and being cared for by you. May this year bring you expertise to the craft you wanted to pursue... Just be assured that no matter what challenges you shall face, I shall be behind you to support in all the way you seek and all the way I know you need.
  3. To a number of influential people: Your teachings and motivations advices had inspired me to see that I have infinite potential and I can achieve my dreams. For 2011, I plan to reward you by my success and give back to your advocacies! To a prosperous Philippines!
  4. To a person who shall never have the connection to read this: I am happy you left. I thought I needed your guidance but it turns out your job was so easy that I could do it all along and you are nothing but a hindrance to finishing the job in lesser time. Nonetheless, I thank you that because of your incompetence, they turned to my unrecognized potential. More power to you but I prefer not to see you again.
  5. To one, two or more people who share an interest: It is really fun hanging out with you. Belonging to a group is a special feeling you brought me and I am grateful for that. Thanks for sharing tidbits and even reciting trivias that only a number of people could do. Thanks for late night gatherings that left me with new experiences and fun facts about each other... To 2011, your success and more gatherings...
  6. To a really good friend: You're heart is so big... I can't help want to you to have the best and to get what you want.. Not just a night of stress relief but many nights (talagang nights, pwede rin days) of satisfaction... To 2011, you're happiness and the end of your frustrations.... 
  7. To a really old friend (Ampangit parang antanda mo lang...): I really miss you! Even if we don't see each other that much, I am still here for you. Even if you repeatedly fail me and I do you; our worlds are different and I don't agree 100% with your love choices, You can still lean on me and I will always consider you as my friend for life. Much Love!
  8. To a maybe confused person: I am not the person you think you knew. I did the math. Still, it feels good to be appreciated in that way. Let's just not take anything seriously. It's just all for the spirit of fun. Also, you're such a flirt (Ang landi mo)!
  9. To a person who maybe leaving soon: You are postponing your departure for reasons I don't need to express (Habulin mo na kasi... Abutin mo na siya... Ikaw na... Kayo na...Ayieee)... I still find it a delight to have you here. You never fail to give me a smile. I hope to get your wishes or you are left with memories of love or lust to your destination. To you, cheers!
  10. To different groups who ended my year with a BANG: It is a pleasure meeting all of you. You were there when I really needed people to make me not mind the long distance. You were there when I was bored, when I wanted to forget failures and I need people to be just myself. We may not be that close yet but for 2011, To more bonding activities, gatherings, drinking sessions and even physical training..
Much Love to 2010!

and to a better 2011!

As one person mentioned, the next year is greater the present one.
2011>2010 (Nye, yun lang pala yun!)

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