Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finally, the Christmas Decors are up!

As usual, these holiday season is busy.

Busy in a fun way with reunions, parties and other gatherings to celebrate friendships, family and the season itself.

Aside from that, I have a 9-7 work shift and usual chores to go about..

Yesterday, I mad it a point to clean up the rest of the condo and put up the Christmas Decorations... I was tempted to lie around and do nothing but I said to myself, "Sayang oras, plinano mo yan.. Gawin mo na " (Stop wasting your time. You planned to do this, Do it..)

So while watching my favorite TV shows... I fixed the messy condo and brought out the Christmas Decors...

And it's up...

I have to post pictures soon...

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