Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Itemize Success

I have a full inbox.

It is marked read but in reality, I just opened it to see what it contained. I haven't read it fully yet. I'll just read it later.

One of those email is from internet marketing guru, Jomar Hiario. I had first encountered Jomar in the Money Summit, an event featuring speakers who had told us of different ventures to grow our money. Originally, I wasn't planning to attend this event 'coz I didn't have the budget to do so. But through a lucky streak, I won in a contest and I took a vacation leave to attend the first day of the event and spent my whole Saturday on the event for the rest of it.

So Jomar sent an email and asked the readers to tell him something about our journey to success...

I'm 24 years old.

I had prepared myself to become a computer programmer, with 4 years of college. But after awhile, I discovered that being employed is not the way to achieving my dreams.

I joined a network marketing company only to find out that it is  not for me and I will only be successful with something I am happy with.

I became a forex trader but lost all of my capital. Good bye, USD 1,000.00. I still haven't given up though. I earned around USD 15.00 yesterday but only through a demo account. I will actively trade when I win 5 times.

I joined seminars only to find out that I want to have more exciting investments but those information are useful though.

I tried to find ways to get more money but they required money, as well... I'm saving up though.

Last month, I came across a webinar by Trace Trajano. I decided to attend the seminar/workshop and decided to be rich through real estate investing. I followed Trace's blogs and groups and I found out about TRQ 2.0 Apprentice Challenge and will be one of team members up for the title. I cannot offer experience or expertise but I will do what is necessary to achieve my dreams... BTW, I have no idea how to pay for the seminar fee and the challenge tuition... Good thing I have a good credit rating... Onwards to incurring "good debt"...

Successes coming soon! (as in soon, by mid-2011)

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