Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Start Acting on First Impulse

I'm having a hard time listening to myself lately.

Second guessing myself had lead me to stupid choices.

They may not be big decisions that cause me major (major [maki-sali daw sa trending]) mistakes but it annoyed me that I made a wrong move.

Last Sunday, I was to have a short swim refresher with Kuya Herman from PEX at the Army Pool. I was ready to go directly to the venue but second guessing lead me to drop by the condoand leave my huge bag... As it turns out, the venue was a 30 minute commune and I thought it was gonna be a 10 minute jeepney ride... With the pool closing on 6pm (sharp coz we are talking about army guys here), I only had a less than 30 minute lesson. Bright side though, I got to learn a butterfly drill and got better at diving...

And as I if I hadn't learned, I did another booboo on Monday. I had a job interview with Smart. I didn't actually planned or thought much about it. So I went in the morning, I was expecting it to be an hours or so. Pero 1 and 1/2 hours pala siya... I haven't learned. Smart wants to make people wait... I went back in the afternoon and it was a 4 hour wait for an hour of interview. I missed majority of my work day so nag-dahilan na lang ako... Dapat nag-leave na lang ako...

Will not do that again! I should...

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