Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Writing: New Umbrella (Bagong Payong)

Random Writing:

  • I bought a new umbrella. Took me a while to choose which one to buy one. But I knew I wanted it to automatically open. But all the ones there that automatically open also automatically close so I have to get use to closing my umbrella with a button instead of closing it manually. I didn't care to look at the SM umbrella brands 'coz they may have a 3 month warranty but they only last 3 months. I was looking for the same brand I got a year or so ago 'coz it lasted so long until the handle was broken last month and the button to open the umbrella got lost last weekend as I it accidentally opened in the jeepney. But I couldn't remember the brand. The one that seem like a good brand was costly. So I opted for the first one I saw that is less than P300. Hopefully, it lasts like the one that I just replaced did.
  • I finally got to reading the latest issue of Men's Health. In their alpha male section, a writer was featured. His statements reminded me of my Writers' Guild days. We used to advise our members. Just continue writing. Don't care if it makes sense. Just Write... Aww, WG days... Anyway, going back to some of his thought. He said there is no writer's block if a writer is motivated. I was reminded how I survived going 100m in a pool and an hour of precision cycling. It is keeping your mind to the end goal. I guess I neglect that in my whole life... I don't even know exactly what I want...

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