Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Perks of Credit Cards

A few years ago I was so afraid of having a credit card.

Luckily though, I came over that fear as I realize that I religiously handle my budget with careful considerations.

So last weekend, we went to eat at Banana Leaf in Greenbelt 3.

We were thinking of eating at Crocodile Grille but we already ate there so we decided to look for another place... We stumbled upon Banana Leaf which serves Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.

I seem to remember this restaurant having a discount in my HSBC so we inquired...

HSBC has 5% discount and 50% for Premier members

Citibank has 10% discount.

We had a hearty meal of Mee Goreng, Green Chicken Curry and Spicy Garlic Fried Cod Fish with Hainanese Rice.

With the discount, we got rid of the service fee and we were on our budget of P1000 for the meal...


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