Thursday, September 30, 2010

No baby born from HIV

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Dear ONE Member ,Take action now: sign the petition
I was born to an HIV-positive mother, but due to a simple treatment she was lucky enough to receive during delivery, I am HIV-negative.
Not all children are so lucky – over 1,000 babies are born with HIV everyday.
At last week’s UN summit in New York I pushed decision makers to create a plan that would ensure no child is born with HIV after 2015.
Progress was made at the summit, but much more needs to be done.
Please join me by signing up to be part of ONE’s Baby Protest and call for an HIV-free generation here:
Petition text:
By 2015 we can make sure no child is born with HIV. It all starts with an agreement at the United Nations to combat extreme poverty, with every country doing their bit. Please do yours.
Next week world leaders will meet to invest in the Global Fund – an organisation that saves a staggering 4,000 lives a day and helps prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.
Together we can achieve a world where no child is born with HIV by 2015.
Florida Mwesiga, ONE Member

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