Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am declaring that I shall not push through with any application for another job in the Philippines anymore.

I am tired of going to offices that I don't like their locations. I am comfortable in my PBCOM Tower office.

I am tired of answering questions that I have to memorize from books. In my job, they ask me questions.

I am tired of saying I don't like to do night shift. My job is 9 to 6 with the ocassional OT, a part of being in the IT industry. Why change?

Ayoko na.. Wala naman pinatutunguhan...

Buti pa mag-intay na lang ako ng offer abroad..

Target: Malaysia....

Sana, Malaysia...


spiffy25 said...

Yup mag antay na nga lang ng offers abroad. btw, dami opening sa canada. :D

Thirdy Lopez said...


Post ka naman ng link.. saan makaka-apply?!?!

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