Friday, August 20, 2010

Why I don't want to be on night/graveyard shift?

I am not actively looking for another job anymore but I am open to exploring though...

Two weeks ago, N******* contacted me asking me to apply for a position that starts, for the first 6 months, to be on a graveyard shift, 10pm to 7am and eventually has a 4pm to 1am mid day shift.

And just yesterday, I** contacted me asking me if I would consider working on a night/graveyard shift.

Working at odd hours may have its pros:
1. Not hustling to venues or transpos at rush hours.
2. Going to the gym wouldn't be a hassle.
3. Maybe having extra time to do part-time.
4. Bigger Compensation 'coz of night differential and since this work generally pays larger

1. Health Reasons - People who goes in night shift incur weird diseases that arises from the change in lifestyle
2. No sun - Sleeping when the sun is up.
3. Less Sleep - Since you will be sleeping in the morning, you will be tempted to do more stuff thus you be sleeping less
4. Goodbye, social life - I don't have an active social life but being in night shift opens you up to a new crowd and closes a door to people who wake up in the time Filipinos should
5. Hello, Starbucks life - Magastos ito and hindi healthy.
6. Magka-iba sked namen - Ayaw ko nuon baka hindi kami magkita

So wag na lang... Meron naman options na day shift... Bakit ka pa mag-night shift? Okay ka naman sa day shift?

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