Thursday, March 12, 2009

Giving Credit where credit is due

Okay I wanted to write a long blog about my work.

But I don't have much time as I used to have.

So I'll just write the main point.

I like my work. I've been with current project 6 months now and I want to finish it. Not only do I want to finish it until warranty ah... They want me to finish it too...

I'm doing good, according to them (my superiors). I do my job earlier than the deadline daw. And I appreciate the acknowledgement. And aside from liking the phasing, the organization and management of the tasks I do. I'm working in a relaxed, at least most of the time, intelligent project. I don't find myself doing things that are not fit for my profile.

Eto pa!

My career map (oo I have one) is being formulated with me. I have partners in creating my future. Siyempre, all the work is mine. Career ko yun eh pero I have a guide.

Ayun, it wasn't the playground I left but it's a job and I'm doing fine.

I'm thinking twice nga about pursuing my earlier plans eh.

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