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A Tribute Campaign: Certified Senior Bloggista

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Napulot naman dito.

Story started in a journal

High School

Our English teacher asked us to write a journal for a month detailing lessons we had learned on each day of that month. Censored pa ito kasi babasahin nga ng teacher. After that assignment was finished, I decided to continue to keep one. Here, I changed the format from lessons learned on that day to write about what happened to you. Since HS life was pretty unfruitful, I just write at one or a half page a day. There was even a time that I wrote highlights of my day. One line at a day.


"Today was the first time we wore our Type B uniform. I had allergies so I was excused for the battalion formation."

College to now

Then I continued to write a journal up until now. Early college was pretty undetailed. But later years, I decided to not censor myself. I wrote angry entries. I wrote my frustrations, etc.

It also became a guide for me as I learned to correctly write goals and objectives.


I first started blogging at January 2005 at my blog site.

Here's my first entry which is entitled first entry.

From then on, Nagblog na ako as regularly as I can. Around 2007, I blogged sa multiply ko instead of my blogger iniimport na lang ng multiply... So buhay pa din ang blogger site ko...

Blog Ring

Mabuhay bloggers here and there!

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  • Rowjie - Kasabwat
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  • Mikko - Chocolate!
  • Gloree - Ewan ko na kung anung blogger ngayon
  • Yung blog site na favorite ni Jay-ar.. I forgot na.. Sorry!
Certified Senior Bloggista!

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