Friday, July 11, 2008

Old Stuff

I searched google under my name "Thirdy Lopez" and there appears my web spaces: Imeem, Facebook, Blogspot, Multiply, etc etc...

I came across an old poem..

Trying to be artsy
Thirdy Lopez

With a color palette on my hand,
I see the world in black and white.
I pick up my brush and give color
To my life, to my things, my everything.

I pick red to be fierce.
Against those who try to rapture me.
I pick blue to relax myself.
Despite all the pressures in life.

I pick green to inspire.
To become what I dream to be.
I pick orange for myself.
Release what I can offer.

I pick black to emptiness.
Challenge my simple life.
I pick white for purity.
To mask my problems.

I pick pink to love.
Feel the air behind my wings.

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